30 Cool Google Calendar Memes

Written by Tanja Google Workplace

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Most people using Google Calendar will agree that without it, they would be disoriented in their daily time management with so many tasks that must be done. This refers to different daily activities, from work-related meetings, drinks after work, lunch reservations, birthdays, events, etc.

Luckily, Google Calendar knows how to organize all of that so that we don’t have to remember all of those dates, exact times, names, and other additional information that is important.

However, there are times when this Google service stops working all of a sudden, and nobody knows what to do till the service is back.

At such times, the best thing one can do is to dive into all of those cool and funny memes and share them with whomever you please.

If interested, read this blog post to check our collection of cool Google Calendar memes you can use now.

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30 cool Google Calendar memes to use right now

We gathered a list of 30 cool Google Calendar memes for you to choose right away and use them as you please:

Image meme No.1

Image meme No.2

Image meme No.3

Image meme No.4

Image meme No.5

Image meme No.6

Image meme No.7

Image meme No.8

Image meme No.9

Image meme No.10

Image meme No.11

Image meme No.12

Image meme No.13

Image meme No.14

Image meme No.15

Image meme No.16

Image meme No.17

Image meme No.18

Image meme No.19

Image meme No.20

Image meme No.21

Image meme No.23

Image meme No.23

Image meme No.24

Image meme No.25

Image meme No.26

Image meme No.27

Image meme No.28

Image meme No.29

Image meme No.30

The BeReal app was launched in 2019, but it especially took off in popularity in 2022, blowing up the internet and Gen Z. It seems that all media-savvy social people, meme-ers especially, have tried hilarious mockups of the BeReal posts.

Iconic BeReal memes are the ones that capture moments in TV, films, and pop culture.

You can post your own BeReal meme, by cropping your ‘front-facing’ photo into the top left corner of your imaginary BeReal’s back camera view. After that, you can caption it with ‘It’s time to BeReal’ and post it.

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What makes a meme a meme?

Some memes are difficult and impossible to understand, and most of the time, that is because memes are a cultural shorthand that corresponds to a particular group or a community. Also, they evolve with those who use them.

However, there are some key components of what makes a meme a meme. Those components are first and foremost resembled by an image or a video that displays a specific concept or idea, usually spread through social media platforms.

Also, a meme's context greatly impacts what a meme means and how relevant it is to the one who is supposed to receive it. Memes can convey more information than a simple text - they can tell a whole story, showing complex moods, emotions, ideas, etc.

BeReal meme No.1

BeReal meme No.2

BeReal meme No.3

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How to make an aesthetic Google Calendar?

You can customize your Google Calendar with the help of extension tools like More Colors for Calendar. 


With it, you can change the background, so it doesn’t look white and boring and change the colors of your calendar blocks to make them look more aesthetic (also, you can add separate colors for reminders, tasks, etc.).