How to Mod Google Snake Game (2023)

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In its early days, users worldwide were captivated by the Snake game and enjoyed playing it for hours and hours.

There are also several variations of the famous Snake game on the Internet, but only one is truly loved by all: the Google Snake Game.

Apart from the fact that the game is played and enjoyed by many, some fans have wondered if they can mod it and customize it to their liking.

And the answer is yes.

Users can modify the game and access new engaging features to make the whole gaming experience even more entertaining.

To learn the Google snake game mod process, keep reading on.

Also, watch the video guide in which we have explained every step of how to modify the Google Snake game:

How to mod the Snake game

For everyone wondering 'How do I add mods to Google snake?', the process is easy and we have explained everything below.

To mod the snake game users need to download a file from GitHub named Google Snake Menu Mod.

Next, you need to import the file into your bookmark, type in Google Snake Gama in Google, and start the game by clicking on the ‘Play’ button.

Here is the step-by-step process with screenshots.

  1. Download Google Snake Menu Mod and click on MoreMenu.html; next, click on the downloaded file.

git hub google snake mods

  1. A new page will open; from there, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select ‘Bookmarks’, then click on ‘Bookmarks Manager.

bookmark manager

  1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner from the Bookmarks page and select Import ‘bookmarks’.

import bookmarks

  1. Find the downloaded file. It’s usually in the ‘Download folder’ and click on ‘Open’.

download menu

  1. Type in Google Snake Game in the search bar and click on the ‘Play’ button.

google snake game

  1. Navigate to the Bookmarks bar, click on Bookmarks manager and find the Imported file at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Hover over the imported file and click on ‘More menu staff.

imported bookmarks

  1. Click on the gear icon, and the mod menu will appear.

google snake mooded game

Best Google Snake Mods

  1. Google Snake Dark Mode.
  2. Snake Toggle Death Screen.
  3. Google Snake Skull Poison.
  4. Google Snake Input Counter.
  5. Snake Wall Endgame Sooner.
  6. Google Snake Animated Colours.
  7. Google Snake Time Keeper.
  8. Google Snake But DVD Screensaver.
  9. Snake Custom Snake Colors.
  10. Google Snake Burger Mode.

Wrapping up

Snake is a classic game that many users have enjoyed for years.

There are many versions of the Snake game. However, the Google Snake Game is the preferred one.

In addition, users can customize and modify the game easily and quickly and have fun with the game even more.

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