How to Insert a Vertical Line In Google Docs

Written by Emilija Google Workplace / Docs

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Vertical lines in a document are mostly used for organizing a group of text or for emphasizing a specific part of a particular text.

Vertical lines can be found in newspapers or resumes when people want to separate different important categories and create a visually appealing document.

So, if you are using Google Docs and wondering how to insert vertical lines in your text- documents, keep on reading to find out.

3 ways to add vertical lines in Google Docs

You can add vertical lines to Google Docs documents in three different ways, depending on where you want to place them and for what you want to use them.

Here is how you can place a vertical line in Google Docs.

  • Using the Drawing Tool.
  • By adding paragraph borders.
  • Using columns.

1. Add a vertical line with the Drawing Tool

In addition to enabling users to flip images, apply WordArt, or images behind the text to their documents, the drawing tool also allows users to insert vertical lines.

  1. Before you start drawing the line, position the cursor in the article where you want the line to appear.
  2. Open the 'Insert menu’ and select ‘Drawing tool’, then click on ‘New’.

insert menu drawing tool

  1. Click on the line icon and draw a line in the drawing window. Next, click on Save and close in the upper right corner.

insert line drawing tool

Here is what the line will look like in your text.

vertical line in google docs

You can also edit a line by changing its width, or add dashed lines or arrows by selecting the line and clicking on the line weight menu, line dash menu, or line start and line end menus.

drawing tool line formatting

2. Add vertical lines with paragraph borders

If you want to add a line at the end of your paragraph, you will need to use the option for adding paragraph borders.

This option is great when you want to emphasize a specific part in your document instead of using the options for inserting block quotes.

  1. Position the cursor in the article where you want the line to appear.
  2. Click on the ‘Format menu’, and from the drop-down menu select ‘Paragraph Styles’, and click on the 'Borders and Shadings’ option.

google docs format menu

  1. From the ‘Borders and Shading’ menu, select the right and left positions and click on ‘Apply’ to insert the borders from the left and the right side of the paragraph

google docs border paragraph option

Here is what your paragraph will look like:

border paragraphs in google docs

Additionally, you can use the formatting options add make dashed borders, or change the wight

3. How to add lines between columns

Another way in which you can add lines in Google Docs is by adding between the columns in your text.

  1. First, if your text is not formatted in columns, click on the Format menu, select Columns, and click on the column option.
  2. To put a line between columns, click on the ‘Format menu’, select ‘Columns’, and click on ‘More options’.

format menu more options

  1. From the Column option menu, check the box Line between columns, and click on Apply.

line between columns

And here is what your text will look like.

vertical line between columns

Bonus Tip: How to add a horizontal line in Google docs

In case you were wondering if you can add a horizontal line in Google Docs, the answer is yes.

Plus it is simpler than adding vertical lines in Google Docs since the option is much easier to find.

So just click on the ‘Insert menu’ and choose ‘Horizontal line’.