How to Insert Word Art In Google Docs

Written by Emilija Google Workplace / Docs

- 4 min read

Those who used Word Office in the 90s remember Word Art, a fun feature that allowed you to format your titles in different shapes.

However, not many people use Word Office for editing their documents anymore.

Some prefer Google Docs because it is free and offers many features that enable users to edit their documents quickly and easily.

Additionally, like Word Art in Microsoft Office, Google Docs allows users to apply many shapes, arrows, callouts, and equations to their documents as well.

So, if you are wondering how to create Word Art in Google Docs, keep on reading to find out.

How to insert Word Art in Google Docs

To insert WordArt in Google Docs, we need to use the Drawing Tool.

The drawing tool is a built-in feature in Google Docs that besides applying word art offers many more features that can help you make your document look organized.

You can use the Drawing tool to flip images and text or to draw something and apply that in your google docs document.

In any case, here are the steps for adding Word Art in Google Docs.

  1. Open the Google Docs File.
  2. Click on the Insert menu and select Drawing, then click on New.

Google docs insert menu drawing tool

  1. Click on Actions and from the drop-down menu, select Word art .

Drawing tool actions menu

  1. In the text box that pops, type in the text, and press Enter, or Shift+Enter to write a text in a new line.

Drawing tool WordArt

Now, you will be able to see the WordArt text in the drawing window.

wordart google docs title

  1. To style, the text, click on the fill color icon and choose a color, or change the border color by clicking on the border-color icon. Additionally, you can add shapes and color them in the same way as you would color the text.

Google Docs drawing tool tool box

  1. To change the font click on the Font menu and select your preferred style.

Drawing tool font menu

  1. Click Save and Close to insert WordArt in your document.

drawing tool save and close option

Bonus ways to create better WordArt in google docs

As we can see Google Docs is pretty limited when it comes to the styling features in WordArt.

However, if you still want to use Google’s writing software there are two ways that can help you achieve the old-school look.

Firstly, you can use Word Office to create word art and then just copy and paste the text in your Google Docs.

Or the second suggestion would be to use a free WordArt generator tool.

One that we found online and has all the styles from Microsoft word is called

Just click on the preferred style on your left side, type in the text, and click on the download button. The text will be saved as an image and you can insert the image into your document.

wordart example titles