How to Make a Collage On Google Docs

Written by Emilija Google Workplace / Docs

- 5 min read

Google Documents is a practical free writing software with many built-in features that allow users to edit their documents in multiple ways.

Users can add and edit images tables, get creative with different font styles, and collaborate by chatting directly inside the document.

That being said, users can even combine multiple images into a collage in Google Docs.

The solution is practical for anyone who needs to place multiple images on a page in one section.

So, to learn how to create a collage in Google Docs, keep reading.

First method: Google Docs drawing tool

One of the tools you can use to create a collage in Google Docs is the Drawing tool.

Creating a photo collage with this method is easy and straightforward, and you can style it in different ways too.

  1. Click on the Insert option and select the 'Drawing tool' click on 'New.'

insert menu drawing tool

  1. To make a collage, click the Image icon and add the images.

drawing tool insert image

  1. Next, arrange the photos either side by side or in another way that appeals to you.

drawing tool collage

A few tips to make the best photo collage in Google Docs:

If you want to be more creative with your college, you can apply shapes, text, and border colors using the following instructions.

  1. To change the border color, click on the ‘Border icon’, or resize images by selecting them and dragging by the sides until you reach the desired size.

drawing tool border color

  1. To change the image's shape, select the image first, then click on the down arrow next to the ‘Crop image option and choose a form.

drawing tool shape option

  1. To add a text, click on the ‘Text icon’ and type in the desired message.

drawing toll add text option

  1. Click on ‘Save changes'. And here is what the collage will look like:

collage in google docs

Second Method: Google Photos

Google Photos is the second method for creating collages in Google Docs.

Those who want a clean collage design and a quick and easy way to make a collage prefer this method since Google Docs has an option for making collages automatically.

All that is left for the users is to apply the collage in their document.

  1. Go to Google Photos.
  2. Select the images you need, click on the 'Plus sign' in the upper right corner, and select 'Collage.'

You can choose up to nine images for your collage and apply filters inside the Google Photos app.

  1. The college will be automatically saved in your Google Photos app.
  2. To insert the collage in your Google Docs, click on the 'Insert option' and select 'Image,' then 'Photos.'
  3. From the right-hand menu, find your collage, click on it and click on 'Insert' from the bottom of the menu.

Bonus tip: Make Collage from your phone using Google Photos

Since Google Photos is an app available for mobile devices, users can also easily create collages from their phones.

However, to insert the collage in their Google Docs, they will need to use a computer by following the steps we mentioned in the second method.

  1. Open the Google Photos app from your phone.
  2. Long press the first image you want to add to a collage and then select the other photos by tapping on them.
  3. A menu will show up at the bottom of the screen; click on the ‘Plus sign’ and select Collage.
  4. To insert the collage in your Google docs, click on the 'Insert menu,' select 'Photos,' click on the collage you want to insert, and then click on 'Insert.'