How to Make an Exponent on Google Docs

Written by Emilija Google Workplace / Docs

- 4 min read

There is no doubt that Google Docs is the go-to writing software for many users because it can be used to write lengthy reports, articles, or scientific studies easily and for free.

In addition, the software offers a variety of features that allow users to create files for a variety of purposes, so it is often used when people need to include mathematical equations in their lengthy articles as well.

However, even though Google Docs is widely used, many still wonder how they can add special characters like exponents in their document.

That’s why In this blog post we will explain to you step-by-step how to type exponents in Google Docs.

How to Type Exponents in Google Docs?

First method: Superscript option

One of the methods for typing in exponents is by using the Superscript in Google Docs.

  1. Highlight the number you want in exponent form.
  2. Click on the Format menu, click on Text, then click on Superscript.

format text superscript

Here is the result:

google docs exponent example

Furthermore, if you would rather type in exponents than click multiple menus, you can use a keyboard shortcut.

  • Select the text you want to format in your Google Docs document.
  • Press CTRL + . (period) on your keyboard. (For Windows)
  • Press Cmd+ for Mac.

Second method: Equation Toolbar

The second method you can try to type in exponents in your document is by using the equation toolbar.

Also, you can use this method to insert other mathematical symbols you may need.

  1. Open your Google docs and place the cursor where you want the exponent to appear.
  2. Click on the Insert menu, click on the equation. A square with borders will appear where you will need to type in the numbers you want in exponent format.

google docs insert menu

  1. In the equation editor, click on Math operations, and select Xb.

google docs equation editor

The typing might be a bit tricky in the beginning because in order to insert an exponent you will need to use the upper arrow from your keyboard, which will make you exit the square, but you will need to come back to the square and type in the exponent and press enter.

How to add exponent from your mobile device

If you are on the go and need to quickly edit your document with exponents, a good way to do it is by using your mobile device.

  1. Open a Google doc on your phone.
  2. Tap the letter A icon at the top of the screen, next to the Redo arrow.
  3. Tap the X2 icon and enter the superscript under the Text tab.
  4. Continue with standard text by tapping the icon again.


Google Docs is one of the easiest free writing software online.

Users can type in long texts, edit their documents by applying interesting headlines, collaborate with their colleagues and even chat inside the document.

Additionally, there are many built-in features that make working inside Google Docs smooth and enjoyable.

And as we saw in our previous example it can be used in mathematical equations as well.