How to Remove Microsoft Teams Profile Picture

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Key Points

To remove profile picture from Microsoft Teams on desktop:

Log in to Microsoft Teams > click on the profile picture icon > click on Edit profile > Remove picture > click on Save.


To remove a profile picture from Microsoft Teams on a smartphone:

Tap on the three-dot icon (top section) and tap on your name > tap on Edit image > choose one of the three options 'Open photo library', 'Camera', or 'View photo'.

Most people who use Microsoft Teams know that Microsoft uses the name under which you register in Teams as your profile picture there.

However, users can easily change both their name and their profile picture anytime they want.

Check out this blog post if you are interested in learning how to remove your profile picture from Microsoft Teams, regardless if you are using an Android, iPhone, or desktop.

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How to remove profile picture from Microsoft Teams on desktop

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams on your computer.
  2. Log in to your Microsoft Teams account with your credentials.
  3. Click on the profile picture icon (top right section).

Profile picture icon

  1. This is where you’ll see the 'Remove picture' option - click on that.

Remove picture - Microsoft Teams

  1. Lastly, click on 'Save'.

Quick Note: If you still see the same profile picture on your account, you’ll need to remove it from the Microsoft account profile settings.

To do it, navigate to “" from your computer or mobile browser > click on your name at the top and click on the ‘Your Info’ option > change picture’ > click on ‘Remove’.

How to remove profile picture from Microsoft Teams on a smartphone (Android & iPhone)

  1. Launch the Teams app on your smartphone.
  2. If you are using an Android - on your chat screen, tap on your profile picture icon

Profile picture icon - Microsoft Teams

  1. Next, tap on the three dots (upper right corner).

Three dots - Microsoft Teams options

  1. From the options, choose and tap on 'View profile'.
  2. Tap on the 'Edit image'
  3. Edit picture - Microsoft TeamsOnce you tap on the edit option, you will see three options, 'Open photo', 'Camera', and 'View photo' - tap and choose one by your preference.

MT options

Quick Note: For those that might not see the Remove picture option, there is no need to worry because you can remove the picture using the desktop app or web version of Microsoft Teams.

How to remove profile picture on a smartphone using the Microsoft Teams web version

Users can also remove their profile picture from the web version of Microsoft Teams from their smartphone. However, they will be prompted to download the Teams abb, but they can bypass this restriction by converting and viewing the Microsoft Teams web version in desktop mode.

The steps to do it are the following:

  1. Navigate to your preferred browser (Safari or Google Chrome) on your smartphone.
  2. Type in “” and tap on ‘Enter’.
  3. Log in to your Microsoft account with your login credentials.
  4. When the Microsoft Teams web app opens, tap on the profile picture icon.
  5. Tap on the Edit profile option.
  6. Tap on Remove profile and tap on Save.

If you are not taken to the Microsoft Teams screen immediately, you will see a page asking you to download the Microsoft Teams app. For those using a Chrome browser, tap on the tree-dots (top of the browser) > select ‘Desktop site’.

Desktop site - Microsoft Teams

For those using the Safari browser, tap on the ‘aA’ icon (top section) > choose ‘Request Desktop Website’.

After you finish this, you should refresh the page (maybe do it a couple of times) until you see a new screen that says ‘Use the web app instead’ – tap on that too. Next, you will be redirected to the Microsoft Teams page.