How to Turn Off Auto Caps on Google Docs

Written by Ivana Google Workplace / Docs

- 4 min read

When you are typing in Google Docs, you’ll notice that it capitalizes some letters on its own. Google Docs does this automatically to save you time and effort.

But, this automatic capitalization feature may result in some works being capitalized that you don’t want.

If the auto caption in Google Docs frustrates you, you’d be happy to hear that there’s an option to turn off the automatic capitalization.

This blog post will show you how to disable the auto caps in Google Docs.

How to turn off auto-capitalization in Google Docs

  1. Go to and open a blank Google Doc.
  2. Click on the ‘Tools’ from the Toolbar.
  3. Choose the ‘Preferences’ option.

Tools > Preferences

  1. In the Preferences window, make sure you are in the General tab.
  2. Uncheck the ‘Automatically capitalize words’ option.

General tab > Automatically capitalize words

  1. Click On The ‘OK’ Button To Save Your Changes.

How do you change the case in Google Docs?

Apart from auto caps, Google Docs also offers the option to change the case of the letters easily instead of rewriting them.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open a Google Docs file.
  2. Highlight the text you want to change the case to.
  3. In the Toolbar, go to the Format > Text > Capitalization.

Format > Text > Capitalization

  1. Select the lowercase or UPPERCASE or Title Case based on your wish.

The selected text will convert to your desired case with just one click.

How to run off Google Docs auto-correcting

If Google Docs’ auto-correction feature annoys you, there’s also the option to turn it off.

  1. Open a Google Docs document.
  2. Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Preference’.
  3. In the General tab, uncheck the Automatically correct spelling option.
  4. Click on ‘OK’ to save your changes.

Automatically correct spelling

In the Preferences menu, there are other options that you might find useful. For example, you might want to turn off or on the options to Automatically detect links where Google Docs turns a web page address into a clickable link.

Also, if you start typing something and you start the sentence with a dash, Google Docs automatically turns it into a list and starts the next line with a dash too. If you want to turn this option, uncheck the box next to Automatically detect lists.

You can also turn off Show Smart Reply suggestions, which is a feature that Google imported to Google Docs from Gmail. Smart Replies are AI-generated response choices that appear as buttons at the bottom of the comments window. Smart Reply is related to Smart Compose, which helps users respond to emails quickly relying on natural language processing.

However, they can be distracting at times. So you can easily turn them off by unchecking the box next to the Show Smart Reply suggestions.

There’s also the function to turn off Smart Quotes, which automatically detects if a piece of text should be a quote. In addition, Google Docs has the option to create block quotes - a visually highlighted part of a text commonly used in poetry, prose, drama, and research studies that use APA referencing.

Also, did you know that you can insert old-school type-writer fonts in Google Docs to make your documents cool?