How to Use Google Sheets Special Characters

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Due to the ease of use, the clean interface, and the variety of features that give users flexibility, Google Sheets is one of the most widely used spreadsheet apps.

The app is perfect for users who want to sort out data and collaborate with others on the same spreadsheet in a quick and easy manner.

However, despite the handy features, the app lacks a built-in option for adding special characters that many people need to sort their data in a more orderly fashion.

But the good news is that there is a workaround that can enable you to insert check marks or different symbols into your spreadsheet.

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To learn how to add characters in Google Sheets, just keep on reading.

Insert special characters with Google Docs

  1. Click on the insert menu in Google Docs and select ‘Special Characters’.

Screenshot 2022 01 14 At 17.24.40

2. Here you will see a character map with many special character options. You can search symbols by using keywords or by choosing one from the drop-down menus.

Screenshot 2022 01 14 At 17.25.37

  1. Click on the symbol you want to put into your Google Spreadsheet.
  2. The symbol will show up in your Google Docs. Next double click the symbol to highlight it and copy the symbol.
  3. Select a cell and paste the symbol.

Screenshot 2022 01 14 At 17.26.43

Insert a symbol with Alt key codes

Another way you can insert symbols in your Google Sheets document is by using the ALT+ [number] codes.

To do that, just press the alt key and press on a number. You will see a symbol coming up the cells.

Here is an example:

Screenshot 2022 01 14 At 17.27.22

In order to insert a special character in Google Sheets with this method, you need to know the codes for all the special characters.

And, in case you were wondering about a code for a specific special character here is a list where you can find it.

Screenshot 2022 01 14 At 17.28.01

The third method you can use for inserting special symbols with the help of the character map in Windows and Mac.

To access the character map from a Mac computer press ctrl>cmd>space.

Copy a symbol and paste it into the spreadsheet.

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For Windows users, type “character” in the search field and select the Character Map. You’ll see a pop-up map showing special characters.