How to Wrap Text in Google Slides

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When creating some kind of a slide presentation in Google Slides, not many people know that it is much more impactful to combine text with an image. This, in fact, provides context, explains the process with a visual example and makes the content more interesting and appealing.

So, for those who want to improve the readability and the aesthetics of their Google slides, keep on reading because we’ve got you all covered.

Important Info: You cannot wrap text around an image in Google Slides within the iOS or Android apps.

What does it mean to wrap a text?

As the name suggests, it is a feature that allows you to wrap your text around other elements in the slide. It is there to ensure that the text is not interrupted by an image that is added to the slide.

So, when you add elements such as images or charts or just any other graphics, the wrap text option will make sure that both the graphic and the text are displayed and that the text is not cut off.

How to wrap a text in Google Slides presentations

For all of those who want their slideshow presentation to look really impressive, a good thing to always remember is that you can make it look professional without even trying very hard.

Important Info: Google Slides doesn’t have a direct function button to wrap up a text like on Google Docs.

But, there is certainly a hack on how you can wrap your text around an image in Google Slides.

  1. First, open your Google Slide presentation and go to the slide that has the image and text that you will be working on.
  2. In case you still have not inserted an image, click on ‘Insert’, then on ‘Image’ and choose the space where to put the image.

Insert feature in Google Slides

Insert Image feature in Google Slides

  1. If you still don’t have any text in the slide, you can add one by clicking on 'Insert’ and then on ‘Text box’. Place your cursor in the slide that you want to add the text.

Text box feature in Google Slides

  1. Once the text box shows up, type in/add the text you want to be displayed.
  2. Then, click on the text box edges to drag and resize it and you can move it alongside the photo that you want to wrap it around.

Googli slides features

Quick Tip: Watch out for the red line that highlights. It will signalize when your text is about to overlap the image.

How to wrap text around an image in Google Slides

The process of wrapping text around an image is the following:

  1. Open the document that you want to edit and click on ‘Text Box’ (given under the option Insert)
  2. Then, choose the place where you want to add the text box and place your cursor there.
  3. When the text box is added to the place you wanted, type in the text you want to be displayed.
  4. If you want, you can resize your text by clicking on the blue line and dragging it. Keep in mind that if a red line appears, it means that your images will be overlapped by the text.

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Additional steps to take to improve the effects of a text wrapping

  1. Select the text box you placed earlier.
  2. Click on the format option (Menu Bar).
  3. Under Format, click on ‘Align & Indent’.
  4. Click on ‘Justified’ and you are done.

Google Slide features

Can I curve text in Google Slides?

Definitely! If you want to make your content to really stand out, besides using images and some lines, you can also curve your text in Google Docs.

The way to do it is the following:

  1. First, from the Insert menu, choose the option ‘Drawing’.
  2. Then, click on the arrow icon to the right of the Line Tool icon and choose the option ‘Curve’.
  3. Create a curve based on your preferences.
  4. When the curve is done, click on ‘Save’ and then on ‘Close’. Then the curve will appear in your document.
  5. Lastly, click on the curve image in the document and add the text around it in the editing text box.

Can I add a caption to an image in Google Docs?

Yes, you can and these are the steps to do so:

  1. First, place your cursor where you want to see your image/photo.
  2. Then, navigate to the Insert menu and from it, choose the option ‘Drawing’.
  3. You can paste the image you have copied or you can browse to find one to put in your document.
  4. Next, click on the ‘Add a text box’ icon to add your caption.
  5. Lastly, when you are done formatting, click on ‘Save & Close’.

Can I flip an image in Google Docs?

Yes! However, you cannot find a direct rotation tool in Google Docs, but there is still a way to do it.

  1. On an open document, go to the Insert menu and from the options, click on ‘Drawing’.
  2. Then, from the toolbar, click on the 'Image' option (choose whether to upload an image already existing or take a new snapshot.
  3. Next, place your mouse cursor over the edge of the image and hold it.
  4. To flip the image, move your mouse and once you are satisfied with the rotation, release it.
  5. Then, click on ‘Save & Close’.

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Google offers a multitude of options and all we need to do is explore them.